Wednesday, October 15, 2008


by Stan C. Countz

One part Captain Hook
Add a dash of Peter Pan
One part two-bit crook
A pinch of Uncle Sam

One part tooth fairy
A pinch of Saint Nick
One part Dirty Harry
A dash of True Grit

You should know better
But it's hard to admit
Roll ‘em all together
and here's what you get

Pour ‘em all together
And mix ‘em up in a pot
And you've got the recipe
For a man-made God

Take a pinch of this; add a dash of that
Mix it all together and give it one last pat
And you can pull a rabbit
Right out of your hat

In the beginning, God made man
Moved with compassion
He gave us His laws
Still I’m tryin’ to understand
Why we’d rather fashion
A man-made God

One part Captain Kangeroo
A dash of Mr. Green Jeans
One part Babe Ruth
A pinch of James Dean

One part barracuda
A pinch of little lamb
One part Buddha
A dash of Taliban

Pour ‘em all together
And mix ‘em up in the pot
And you've got the recipe
For a man-made God

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We all have different ways
Of dealing with disappointment
Some try pills to kill the pain
Some use creams and ointments

Some just wander through life
With no plan and no direction
Some look for divine appointments
Seeking guidance and protection

We all have different ways
Of making our way out of this maze
Some us are in a cloud or in a daze
Some of us raise our hands in praise

No matter how we live day by day
We need not be surprised or amazed
The sacrifice of praise pays no mind
To the voice of doubt but rejoices
When the truth wins out

Doubt will be replaced by faith
God and man can now live together
Heaven and earth shall pass away
But the word of the Lord will last forever

One day we’ll see Him face to face
We’ll feel the touch of His embrace
We’ll taste and see that He is good
We’ll be amazed by His amazing grace

But until that day, we walk by faith
Not by sight, by power or by might
But by My Spirit, says the Lord
He brought not peace but a sword

He poured Himself out for us
So store up treasures for yourself in heaven
Where moth and rust cannot corrupt
He died that we might be forgiven

Only by dying to self
Can we truly be livin’
Seek eternal wealth
Don't be takin; be givin’

So store up treasures for yourself in heaven
Where moth and rust cannot corrupt
Just trust in Him and your sin will be forgiven


by Stan C. Countz

He slowly walks away
And saves it for another day
He builds up walls and paints them all
The same drab shade of gray

She stuffs it all into a ball
It’s such a cryin’ shame
They both mean well
But who can tell how well
They play the game?

They say the same ol’ thing
In a new and different way
Why should they pay a price
That’s just too high to pay?

It ain’t that easy playing second fiddle
You can’t shake hands with a fist
Don’t wanna cut it down the middle
How did it come down to this?

She still expects Prince Charming
To wake her with a kiss
Her charm is quite disarming
She needs a slap upon the wrist

She’s gotta tear down those walls
And build a bridge in their place
Only then can she erase the stain
And face the pain

I hate to rain on your parade
Don’t wanna sing the blues
Wish they'd stayed together
But they never paid their dues

It takes two to tango
Or to dance the fandango
The truth is hard to handle
So say a prayer and light a candle

For two who knew the truth
But chose to just ignore it
So decide if you’re against or for it
Before you raise your voice
Make your case, then make your choice

Building walls and building fences
Pride always goes before a fall
When will we come to our senses
And build bridges instead of walls?